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Discover the subtle floral fragrance of Mahogany flower combined with a sparkling breeze of orange flower and bigarade leaf absolutes for delicate freshness. Inspired by floral colognes, this fragrance is an overdose of brightness and effervescence – very outdoorsy, citric and fresh with a rich undertow of gentle flowers. This eau de parfum instantly transports you to the intense humidity of Bangalore, South India.

• Fresh floral eau de parfum 

• Fragrance inspired by a rare flower from Bangalore, India

• Enhanced with sparkling notes of orange flower and bigarade leaf absolutes for a delicate freshness

• Created using non-destructive headspace scent extraction 

• Bottle crafted from sustainably recycled glass with a natural wooden cap.



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    Lightly spritz this floral fragrance onto pulse points as needed throughout the day. Layer with other fragrances within the range to create your own botanical mash up.

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    Full ingredients

    For years we’ve roamed the most remote corners of the globe, inspired of the most precious natural scents. Rare botanicals that without protection, might disappear from the world. Using pioneering non-destructive Headspace scent extraction we’ve captured and recreated five precious aromas without harm leaving nature wild as intended.

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