New from Drops of Youth

New from Drops of Youth
3 for 2 on all Body Butters and Shower Gels
Honey Bronze Range - Save your summer glow

Drops of Light

Drops of Light™

Helps to brighten your skin, smooth the complexion and leave your skin tone even. It’s a bright new day for more healthy, luminous looking skin


Oils of Life

Our Oils of Life™ Skincare Collection contains threee precious seed oils.
The facial oil, cream, gel cream and essence lotion intensively revitalize your skin and revine radiance.
Now get radiant skin whatever decade you're in!


Drops of Youth

Tackle the first signs of ageing with our exclusive Drops of Youth™ range.
Make sure you’re tackling wrinkles and fine lines head-on.
Give your skin a helping hand before the signs of ageing become clearly visible.


Feature Story

My Skin Concerns

Whether you’re concerned about blemishes, dull skin, dryness, or fine lines, we’ve got the skincare saviours you’ve been looking for. What’s the first thing you focus on when you look in the mirror? Stubborn dark circles? Persistent blemishes? Fuming redness? Our skincare routines have been formulated with specific concerns in mind, so finding an ideal range is easy.

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  • Manifesto

    Our story started in Brighton, England in 1976. There our founder, Dame Anita Roddick, began mixing her own products and…

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  • Enrich Our People
    Enrich Our People

    We celebrate the diversity of people and reject a stereotype of beauty. Paying fair prices to our community trade partners…

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  • Enrich our Planet
    Enrich our Planet

    The world is our source of beauty, but it’s facing devastation. We actively help enrich the biodiversity where we grow…

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  • Enrich our Products
    Enrich our Products

    Our products nourish, enrich and uplift but never make false promises and are never tested on animals. Our products are…

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  • Ethical Trade
    Ethical Trade

    WHAT IS ETHICAL TRADE? Ethical Trading is about brands, retailers and suppliers taking responsibility for the working conditions of the…

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